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Practice Russian with Escorts in Mumbai

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on July 25, 2022

Practice Russian with Escorts in Mumbai

The less unpleasant term “titty-fucking” is one of the more commonly used terms for translating from Russian to English. These are only a few of the many nicknames given to this act. A man’s penis must be placed between a woman’s breasts and pushed into the gap between them to imitate a penetration. This allows the male to squeeze between the breasts and lick again before the breasts return to their original position. This is one of the favorites of many Mumbai escorts.

To perform a Russian, you must lubricate your penis so that it can move freely in both directions. Experiment with a few different doses and forms to find the one that works best for you and your Mumbai Escort Service friend. By not exerting too much pressure on the tits, squeezing them together intensifies the sensation surrounding the cock. This can be done by either a man or a woman, but the male is more likely to enjoy it because he can tease the nipples and play with the breasts while thrusting.

How it’s done

Your companion may easily slide the penis between her breasts and into his hungry mouth if she supports her head up on a cushion. This will allow her to delight him with both her words and her body. Despite popular belief, a woman with a lesser bust can do the same things as a woman with a full bust. Although it is simpler for a woman with smaller breasts to ascend to the top and work this way, many women with larger breasts also adopt this strategy to provide their partners with the most enjoyable emotions.

Why not experiment with different positions until you discover the one that feels the most comfortable? When the guy is driving, he can demonstrate his strength. The roles are fully reversed when the gentleman lies on his back and lets the lady decide the speed. Many people have found this strategy to be effective. Whether this is the last act or simply a warm-up, you’ll have a terrific time.


When some women do this, they squeal with excitement because they believe they are porn stars. As you come closer, make sure to notify your chosen escort so they can prepare for your arrival. Although it may be enjoyable for you to surprise your favorite escort in this manner, it will be far more enjoyable for them to accept your offer in the manner that feels most natural to them.